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Building Cooperation

This morning two of our girls, K (age 3 ½) and N (age 2 ¾), approached the big blocks and began construction of a house to take care of their babies/stuffed animals. Soon, A (age 3 ½) came up and roared loudly at them because he was pretending to be a meat-eater and seemed to want […]

A Play Haven

The sub-title of the K-CDC has always been “A Play Haven.”  We have put it on our pamphlets and our t-shirts and anything else we share. I thought it was somewhat of an original thought, but several years ago when I went to re-read Bev Bos and Jenny Chapman’s “Tumbling Over the Edge,” there is was:

“Belonging for […]

Oobleck and Elbows

Yes, we had oobleck up to our elbows, and it was great! It started in little baggies, trying to find the right consistency of solid (cornstarch) and liquid (water). The kids, of course, tolerated that for a very short time — what was I thinking using small baggies! — and soon the containers were out for bigger mixing. […]

Lap Reading

One of the spots the kids love the best is our couch.  Most of the time there is a teacher reading books to 2-3 kids, although favorite books like Pete the Cat or Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late or Owl Babies draw a bigger crowd.  The kids choose books from a very full bookshelf, […]

Social Games!

There are many categories of games that can happen in an early childhood setting.  There are board games, card games, academic games, and large motor games to name just a few.  Our kids this year have actively sought out and enjoyed what I sometimes call “social games.”  These are games that foster relationships between adults and […]

My first post!

Hello!  I am Katy Korte, the director of the Kirksville Child Development Center.  My co-teacher, Kate, and I are hoping to use this blog to share stories from our child-directed, playful classroom.  Given the time, space, materials, and boundaries that young children need to explore and learn, these kids are simply brilliant!  My newsletters to parents […]