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Oobleck and Elbows

Yes, we had oobleck up to our elbows, and it was great! It started in little baggies, trying to find the right consistency of solid (cornstarch) and liquid (water). The kids, of course, tolerated that for a very short time — what was I thinking using small baggies! — and soon the containers were out for bigger mixing. We added green food coloring and some kids requested spoons, although most wanted to use their hands. It was a workshop of experimenting with dry and wet ingredients, of giggling at the tickly goop as it dripped from fingers to table, of asking for “more” and having it readily available, of experiencing joy amongst friends at the wonder of this project. The younger kids spent time dumping, scooping, and stirring in containers, while the older ones sought the magic ratio, only to giggle when they added “too much” and asked for more of everything. Overall, it lasted for about an hour, with a few of the kids there the whole time. And all surfaces (tabletops, floors, bowls, and kids) are washable!

oobleck3                                          oobleck2

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